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Presentations & Publications

Selected Presentations:

Niezink, L.W. (November 2012). Empathy Circles: A Factor for Change. Invited presentation at the Empathy and Compassion in Society Conference, London, England. [slideshare]

Niezink, L.W. & Bos, van den A. (June 2012). Literatuur zoeken in 2012: Ken je kennis! Workshop on miniconference Deepening Applied Psychology, Groningen, The Netherlands.

Niezink, L.W.
(May 2012).
Als liefde de belangrijkste kernwaarde in de zorg is hoe is dat dan zichtbaar te maken? Invited pressure cooker session at the First Shift Happens Conference on Compassion in Healthcare, Driebergen-Zeist, The Netherlands. [link]

Niezink, L.W. (June 2010). Empathie: Bouwstenen & Mechanismen Invited presentation for Category Captains participating in the Empathie Monitor, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. [pdf]

Niezink, L.W., Siero, F.W. & Buunk, A.P. (June 2007). When Your Suffering Becomes Mine: the influence of Social Comparison Orientation on affect resulting in a willingness to help others. Poster presented at the Mind and Life Summer Research Institute, Garrison, New York.

Niezink, L.W., Park, J., Buunk, A.P. & Siero, F.W. (June 2006). Empathy versus expected reciprocity: Different Altruistic Motivators for Helping Family & Friends. Poster presented at the Heymans Symposium, Groningen, The Netherlands. [pdf]

Niezink, L.W. & Buunk, A.P. (July 2005). Helping Others in Need: When alleviating distress is or is not motivating us to help. Poster presented at the EAESP 14th General Meeting, Wurzburg, Germany. [pdf]

Niezink, L.W. (September 2004). When do you decide to help? Paper presented at the First European Workshop on Social Comparison, Cassis, France. [pdf]

Scientific Publications:

Velde, S. v.d., Roex, A., Vangronsveld, K., Niezink, L.W., Praet, K. v., Heselmans, A., Donceel, P., Vandekerckhove, P., Ramaekers, D. & Aertgeerts, B., (2012). Can training improve laypersons helping behaviour in first aid? A randomised controlled deception trial. Emergency Medicine Journal, Published Online First: 5 May 2012 doi:10.1136/emermed-2012-201128 [link]

Niezink, L.W., Siero, F.W., Dijkstra, P., Buunk, A.P. & Barelds, D.P.H., (2012). Empathic concern: Distinguishing between tenderness and sympathy. Motivation and Emotion, Published Online First: 27 January 2012 doi: 10.1007/s11031-011-9276-z [link] [pdf]

Veen, J.R.A. van der, Jansen, R.M.G., Niemeijer, M.G., Niezink, L.W., Buunk, A.P., & Cleophas, T.J. (2006). Quality of life of patients on the waiting list for coronary angiography. Netherlands Heart Journal, 14(9), 292–296. [pdf]

Niezink, L.W. & Buunk, A.P. (2005). Jouw leed is mijn leed: Invloed van sociale vergelijkingsoriëntatie en perspectief innemen op emotionele reacties op een pesoon in nood. In R.Holland, J. Ouwerkerk, C. van Laar, R. Ruiter & J. Ham (Eds.). Jaarboek sociale psychologie 2005.

Niezink, L.W. & Buunk, A.P. (2004). Wanneer jij in mijn schoenen staat: Invloed van sociale vergelijking en perspectief innemen op affect resulterend in hulpbereidheid. In E.Gordijn, R.Holland, A. Meinders, & J. Ouwerkerk (Eds.). Jaarboek sociale psychologie 2004.

Book Chapters, Essays and other publications:

Niezink, L.W.
(2012). A Business of Compassion or a Compassionate Business? Waarde creëren terwijl we waarde herdefiniëren. In K. Klomp (Red.) Bloei! Werken aan Geluk in Organisaties. Rotterdam: Uitgeverij Asoka.

Niezink, L.W. (2008). Considering others in need: On altruism, empathy, and perspective taking. Ph.D. Thesis, Groningen: University of Groningen. [link] [pdf]